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Sophia began getting complaints from her neighbors that ChiChi, her lab mix, was whining all day while she was gone at work. She knew she had to do something to curb the whining behavior, because she did not want ChiChi to be miserable, and she did not want to move.

Sophia started off by talking to her vet about why ChiChi was whining. Since ChiChi had just started whining suddenly, Sophia wanted to make sure ChiChi was not sick or hurt. Though the vet did not find any medical reasons for ChiChi's whining, he did recommend a trainer to help Sophia learn how to stop ChiChi's whining. In talking to the trainer, Sophia figured out that ChiChi's whining behavior started when Sophia got a promotion and stopped coming home in the afternoons. The trainer felt ChiChi was probably feeling abandoned and Sophia would need to do some specific things to make ChiChi more comfortable.

Sophia began by teaching ChiChi to handle short periods of separation. ChiChi needed to be reminded that Sophia will come back. She began by purchasing some active toys for ChiChi like a food cube and some chew toys. She began her training by playing with ChiChi in the house and lavishing attention on her. Then she got up and stepped outside of the house. ChiChi began whining almost immediately, but Sophia had been warned by the trainer that if she stepped back into the house right away, she would just be teaching ChiChi how to blackmail her. So even though waiting outside for a few minutes was torture, she did it. However, ChiChi's whining did not stop. So eventually Sophia went back inside.

After a while, ChiChi's whining began to stop soon after Sophia left the house. A few times Sophia had to yell, "No!" first to get the whining to stop. Yet every time the whining stopped, Sophia returned to praise ChiChi. Sophia continued the training, leaving a little longer and a little longer each time. Eventually ChiChi was not whining at all.

Soon afterward, one of Sophia's neighbors asked if Sophia had gotten rid of ChiChi, because she no longer heard the whining all day. Sophia smiled, because now ChiChi was happy and could remain her companion.

The key to Sophia's success in training ChiChi to stop whining was to have a lot of patience. She first ruled out any health issues, which may be a reason for the whining starting out of nowhere. Then she took a close look at why her dog started whining. Usually dogs will whine due to feeling separation from their owners, and Sophia knew she had been spending more time away from home.

One Sophia knew the reason for the whining behavior, she was consistent and offered love to ChiChi to curb the behavior. It took a lot of self-control on Sophia's part and patience, but eventually ChiChi learned that Sophia would return. ChiChi had lots of toys to play with and a reassurance that Sophia would come home. This allowed Sophia to keep ChiChi and the neighbors to enjoy their peace.





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