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If walking through your yard is treacherous due to the number of holes your dogs have put in your yard, then you need to learn how to stop your dogs from digging. Dogs will dig for a number of reasons like anxiety, a desire to escape, or protection from the elements. In order to be effective in your training, you should understand why your dog is digging and learn effective versus ineffective methods for how to stop dogs from digging.

Avoiding Punishment

First, it is important when getting your dogs to stop digging that you understand the negative effects of punishment as a way to stop the behavior. Dogs do not have good reasoning. If someone tells you that punishment is how to stop dogs from digging, they do not realize that your dogs will probably rebel and just dig when you are not around. Learning to get to the root of the behavior will do more in keeping your dogs from digging, because you will be able to change the circumstances to fit your needs while maintaining the respect and love of your dog.

Activity Works

When trying to keep dogs from digging you may want to start off simply by taking your dogs for regular walks. A lot of digging behavior comes out of boredom or a need to get rid of extra energy. Taking your dogs for walks or taking time to actively play with your dog can be effective to curbing your dogs' digging behavior.

That same release of energy your dog needs brings about the next piece of advice for how to stop dogs from digging. Keeping your dog active when you are not around is imperative to stopping the digging behavior. Find toys that keep them busy throughout the day. There are a number of active toys on the market that stimulate your dogs physically and mentally so that digging is no longer needed as an activity.

Keep Out!

The next thing you can do to stop dogs from digging is to put up a barrier to inhibit digging in specific areas. If your dog is always digging up your flowerbed or vegetable garden, but does not bother to dig anywhere else, then you may want to put up a small fence in that area. You can also use a sprinkler. Dogs usually do not like to get wet, so when you see your dog heading for your tomatoes, turn on the sprinkler.

Offer Shelter

You decide to stop your dogs from digging, it is also important to note that dogs often dig to get away from the heat. The dirt is much cooler, so they dig to seek comfort. If you are leaving your dog outside for longer periods and you want to keep your dog from digging, allowing your dog other places to seek refuge from the elements is a smart alternative. Offer your dog a good amount of shade and cool water.

Offer Alternatives Places to Dig

Giving your dog alternatives is another way to stop dogs from digging in other areas of your yard. If none of these methods work, you can also offer your dog a sandbox or corner of the yard where he or she can just dig away. Build the area then hide several treats. Your dog will then learn this area is the place where digging is okay.

It May Not Be Nice for You, But It Works.

Finally, a not so pleasant way to stop dogs from digging is to put a little solid dog waste in each digging hole. The waste will deter your dog from continuing to dig holes in the yard. It may not sound like the most comfortable way to stop dogs from digging, but it does work.



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