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Jilly is a two-year-old mixed breed dog that has a problem barking while her owner Thomas is away at work. Thomas recently moved into a home with a spacious fenced-in backyard. At the time, Thomas thought this yard would stop Jilly from barking, as she regularly did while he was away. The barking became so bad that neighbors in his apartment building regularly complained, spurring Thomas to find a place of his own. However, Jilly continues to bark and Thomas is concerned about the complaints of his new neighbors. Jilly does not bark while Thomas is home, so he must find a way to curb the barking while he is at work.

Since Thomas recently moved, he ruled out interference from an outside source causing Jilly to become frustrated and to bark. He has spoken with his neighbors and no people or animals tease Jilly from over her fence, so frustration is not an option. Furthermore, since the change of scenery has changed the placement of things, Thomas can guarantee there is no one thing that is causing Jilly to bark. Also, Jilly's food dish, water bucket, and toys are all well within the dog's reach.

Thomas recently took Jilly to his veterinarian's office and ruled out any medical conditions that cause Jilly to bark. Also, Jilly's veterinarian suggested that Thomas look at the option of boredom barking, since he was away from home during the day while living in his previous residence. Since this possibility seems to make sense, Thomas begins looking into his options for keeping Jilly entertained during the day.

At first, Thomas calls a local pet sitting business that specializes in taking care of dogs during the day while their owners are at work. The individuals at this business were quite professional and a schedule was made up that they would visit Jilly twice a day for one-half hour at a time. During this time, the individual took Jilly for a walk around the neighborhood and then played with her for the remainder of the time. Although this situation worked out well and Jilly did not bark as much as before, she still barked.

Thomas decided to enroll Jilly in the "doggy daycare" provided by a local kennel. This session acted as a dog version of traditional daycare and allows the dogs to play together and with employees to prevent boredom. Thomas drops Jilly off on the facility on his way to work and picks her up on the way home. This situation works incredibly well for both Jilly and Thomas, making both dog and owner happy. Although the enrollment fees for the "doggy daycare" are more than leaving Jilly at home during the day or even hiring a pet sitter, Thomas feels the cost is well justified when he sees how happy Jilly is at the end of the day and the fact that his neighbor's complaints have ceased. Furthermore, since Jilly was otherwise an only dog, this "doggy daycare" allows her to socialize with other dogs, ensuring she is well developed socially and emotionally.




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