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If your dog is showing signs of aggression towards other dogs, make the move to immediately stop this behavior. Aggressive behavior is one of the main reasons why dogs are given up to animal shelters or even put down once they become an unstable threat to the family. Regardless of the breed of your dog, if he is showing signs of aggression towards other dogs, you should immediately work to stop this behavior. Whether you work with a professional trainer or take the training task upon yourself, do so immediately to prevent any problems from potentially occurring.

Often, dogs turn their aggressive behavior into dangerous behavior and threatening the health of other dogs. Whether you have more than one dog in your home or are concerned about neighborhood dogs, this aggressive behavior can limit the options for your dog. For example, aggressive dogs cannot be boarded in kennels with other dogs and must be kept segregated. Additionally, aggressive dogs cannot enroll in "doggy day care" or participate in any other activities that involve other dogs. This is a disappointment for both dog and owner, so work to correct improper behavior so that your dog can be a happy, healthy member of society.

First of all, if you know your dog has a problem with showing aggression towards other dogs, be sure to avoid any potentially dangerous situations. Keep your dog on a leash at all times and, in necessary, choose to muzzle your dog. Furthermore, avoid allowing your dog to socialize without proper supervision.

If you are raising a puppy, you should take the necessary steps to socialize your puppy. Most training institutions have special socialization programs that work like puppy preschool. Once or twice a week, you take your puppy to this class and the dogs play in a controlled environment. At any point, if your puppy shows signs of aggression, you will be able to work with instructors to immediately provide a solution to the problem. Aggressive behavior towards other dogs is much different than typical playful behavior that puppies display, and it is not appropriate. Furthermore, the puppy will not "grow out of" aggressive behavior, which often becomes worse with age.

For adult dogs, visit your local dog training academy to begin aggression training. Instructors will be able to help you determine the root of the aggression. Often, dogs are aggressive over one specific trigger. These triggers can include food, toys, beds, or anything else. You may need to seek the professional advice of a veterinarian behaviorist to evaluate the specific triggers that exist to cause aggressive behavior. Once this trigger is identified, you can begin addressing the problem more specifically. If your dog has not been spayed or neutered, this change may make aggressive behavior disappear. Consider visiting your veterinarian's office to determine if this option will work for your dog. Also, ask about medications such as Prozac that can help your dog with fear aggression. Although medication should not be your first option, many dogs are positively affected by medications that may allow them to handle certain situations better.




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