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Aggressive dogs are not born that way; they are made that way. Whether a dog is aggressive due to serious abuse, fear, or lack of training, owners have a responsibility to protect the dog and other people by seeking assistance. Help for people with aggressive dogs can come in many forms, and the effectiveness of each of these resources depends on the person and the urgency of help needed.

Getting to the Root of the Aggression

Many different resources are available to provide help for people with aggressive dogs. Getting help with aggressive dogs first begins with the owner trying to figure out what is causing the aggressiveness. For instance, if the behavior comes from a medical condition, a veterinarian will be the best help for people with aggressive dogs. However, if the behaviors are a result of fear aggression, then there may be training resources that will be better for curbing the aggressive behaviors.

The main reasons for these aggressive behaviors come from a desire for dominance, fear, and territory. Other reasons include a predatory need, medical condition, or redirected aggression. Knowing the reasons behind the aggression will make it easier to find the right help with aggressive dogs.

Veterinary Help

So, where can someone go when they have aggressive dogs? One of the first places a person should turn is the veterinarian. Going to the vet is important, because a person will want to rule out any medical reasons for the aggression. Second, the veterinarian may know more on how to provide help in reducing aggressive behavior in dogs by offering alternative resources.

Professional Trainers

If there is not a medical reason, help for people with aggressive dogs is available through trainers. Behavior modification specialists can provide some of the best assistance, because they are impartial and have large amounts of training and experience with aggressive behaviors in dogs. However, no trainer will be able to completely curb the aggressive behaviors if the people are not involved. It is important that owners participate in the training process.

Other Resources

If there are mildly aggressive behaviors present or someone cannot afford a trainer, there are other resources to offer help for people with aggressive dogs. Books, videos, training manuals, and the internet are wonderful ways to teach you how to reduce and eliminate aggressive behaviors. These methods may require more work on the owner's part, as behavior modification takes a lot of patience and time, but they can offer a good amount of help for people with aggressive dogs.

Whether a dog needs behavior modification or medical treatment for aggressive behaviors, there is a range of resources providing assistance to people with aggressive dogs. Most aggressive behaviors can be curbed through proper training, though it is best to train from puppy age. Still, if a dog is showing signs of aggressive behavior, it may be time to find help to curb the aggressive behaviors early.




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