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Finding a solution to your dog's barking behavior is something almost every dog owner has had to struggle with at some point. Dogs bark for many reasons and it can be hard to quiet them, because they are usually trying to tell you something. Whether they would like something to eat, have seen someone lurking outside your home or are simply talking back to you after you have told them not to do something, each bark has a purpose. Finding the training solution can be a challenge, because frequency and severity of barking behavior varies from dog to dog.

When is Training Essential?

If your dog doesn't bark very often, your dog barking solutions will be very different from someone that has a chronic barker. Chronic barking usually occurs people work during the day and leave their dog in the house until they get home. In that type of situation, a dog will usually bark throughout the day from boredom, maybe loneliness, hunger and so on. Then, when the owner gets home, the dog becomes very excited and will most likely begin barking even more. If your dog is barking constantly and is disrupting the lives of others, finding solutions becomes essential.

Dog barking solutions are not quick and easy. They are going to take a lot of patience because dogs love to bark and getting yours to keep quiet when they are outside playing, inside "guarding" you and your home or people watching can be a frustrating process.

Dog Barking Solution: Come Home Often

If possible, come home on your lunch hour to visit your dog. If this cannot be done, try asking a neighbor that you trust. Dogs often bark out of loneliness, so if no one can be with your dog during the day, make sure you are giving him or her enough attention when you are there. Taking them for walks is very important too and could help with dog barking solutions.

Dog Barking Solution: Tell Them You're The Boss

Next time your dog barks, grab their muzzle (no need to be rough) and hold it together until they have stopped making noise. Say "quiet!" in a firm voice over and over again when you are doing this. This dog barking solutions tends to work for many people, but it will take some time. Be repetitive and always reward your dog's good behavior. Finding ways to curb barking behavior are never easy because dogs love to bark and trying to put an end to behavior that comes so naturally to them is not going to happen overnight.

When is Barking Okay?

One thing to keep in mind when trying to curb barking behavior is that it should be okay for your dog to keep barking in some situations. Once your pet has learned that "quiet" is their signal to stop barking, there's no need to use it all the time. Allow your dog to bark when they're outside playing (within reason), when they see a stranger outside (after all, dogs do make great watch dogs) and in a few other situations. If you have properly taught your dog not to bark by issuing a command, they should quiet right up once they hear the command. It is healthy to allow your pet to communicate with you by barking sometimes, but important that he or she defers to you for guidance.




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