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Training your dog to stop biting does not need to happen after a biting incident, it needs to start from when your dog is a puppy. The sooner training begins, the less likely it is that a bite will happen later. However, even dogs that are loving and sweet all the time may one day have a biting incident. Training your dog early that biting is not okay will help in prevention, but it never provides a 100 percent guarantee that there will never be a biting incident.

Start Early

When puppies are small, many people wait to stop the biting behavior, because the puppies are so cute. Little nips and growling around food or children seems adorable. However, it is important for puppy owners to visualize their grown dog doing the same thing. Then it is not so cute after all. In fact, the thought of the behaviors continuing should prompt training to start immediately.

Tip #1: Inhibit Biting

One aspect of dog training to stop biting is to teach your puppy to inhibit biting. Normally, dogs would learn to inhibit their bite from their mother or littermates before they are four months old, but we tend to take them away from that influence before then. It is important that we take on that training, since their mother and siblings not there to do it.

Tip #2: Make Your Dog A Social Butterfly

A natural way to inhibit biting behavior is to socialize your puppy. By allowing your puppy to socialize with other puppies and dogs, they will play rough and learn to inhibit their biting so they do not hurt one another. If they bite too hard, they will get a negative reaction from the other dogs, and it is part of a very natural process. This socialization is a natural form of training, because there is nothing you can do or say as a person to teach them like socialization will.

Tip #3: Build Trust and Respect

Another way to prevent biting behavior is to build trust and respect with your puppy. One major reason for biting and aggression in dogs is that they are trying to become the alpha dog of the household, or in their eyes -the pack. Another reason for dog bites is fear, and dogs will lash out when they feel cornered. However, building trust and respect becomes an important part of dog training to stop biting, because it allows your dog to feel comfortable and unafraid while also respecting your authority. Reprimands are an important part of training, but reprimands without respect actually hinders progress. Work with your puppy so that you form a bond, but always let them know you have control over everything, including toys, food, bed, walks, and praise.

Starting training early is essential in minimizing the chances of dog bites occurring later. Allowing your dog to be socialized is a very natural way to inhibit biting behavior. Yet, when you provide your puppy a feeling that they are loved and you establish a sense of respect for your authority, dog training to stop biting is made much easier.




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