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A barking dog is one of the most frustrating and annoying sounds, especially if you live in close proximity to your neighbors. Keep in mind, although you may not physically present when your dog is barking, that does not allow your dog to bark at will. There are appropriate times for dogs to bark, but incessant barking is not appropriate for any dog. Do not accept the myth that some dogs will bark regardless what you do. All dogs are able to be trained to the correct behaviors and all habits are able to be broken.

If your dog is barking, you must first find the root of the problem. Dogs bark for a reason, no mater how insignificant this reason may seem. Reasons why dogs may bark include: anger, frustration, boredom, and fear. By addressing the root problem, you are doing much more than instructing your dog not to bark. Although there are methods that will stop your dog from barking, this will not solve the immediate problem and can only create more problems in its wake.

The most common cause for dog barking is boredom. Often, dogs are left alone for long periods of the day while their owners are off at work. These hours can stretch by, causing your dog to bark from sheer boredom just like humans complain out of boredom. If you leave your dog during the day, consider better options than leaving him alone and bored. Typically, individuals add another dog to their family, thinking that the two can keep each other company. This may work on occasion, but generally you just have double the problem on your hand. Consider hiring a dog sitter to visit your dog during the day or even taking your dog to a doggie daycare. These options are fantastic and keep your dog happy, healthy, and entertained during the day while you are away.

Frustration is also a key cause for dog barking and usually involves something that is located just out of your dog's reach. This can include a toy, water dish, food dish, bag of treats, or anything else he wants to get his paws-or teeth-on. To determine if frustration is your dog's source of barking, examine his area. If your dog is kept in an outdoor space, it is likely that other animals or humans are bothering your dog. See if neighboring dogs or people are teasing or enticing your dog into barking. It is not that uncommon to find that the neighbor's children are teasing your dog over the fence, thus causing the barking. Once the stimulus is removed, the frustration barking will stop.

Anger and fear are often lumped into the same category, but can often cause barking. Just like frustration, there is usually an exterior stimulus that is causing the dog to bark, so by finding this stimulus, you can stop the barking. Consider your area to determine if someone or something is causing your dog to bark. Usually, anger or fear can include other habits in addition to barking, like whining, jumping, or digging.


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