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Dogs chew. That is a natural fact. From puppyhood, dogs use chewing to teethe. However, that chewing can become destructive if left unchecked. Using some simple techniques to stop your dog from chewing can save you a lot of frustration, and money, later.

Since chewing behavior starts when your dog is a puppy, that is the time to stop your dog from chewing on the wrong items. However, realize that chewing is natural for a dog, so in order to stop your dog's chewing behavior, you need to learn that it is more changing what they chew on that stopping the chewing itself. You will need to take yourself through some simple steps to stop your dog chewing on the wrong items.

How to Stop Your Dog Chewing Tip #1

Dog chewing is normal, and learning how to stop your dog chewing means getting a good grasp of that concept. In understanding that dog chewing is part of who your dog is, you also need to realize that no punishment will curb the behavior. It will just encourage them to chew more when you are not around. Your dog will chew out of habit, frustration, boredom, loneliness, and anxiety. In order to learn how to stop your dog chewing, begin by providing your dog a lot of great toys as alternatives.

How to Stop Your Dog Chewing Tip #2

Stopping your dog's chewing behavior first comes by learning the art of redirection. When you find your dog chewing on furniture, shoes, and other personal items of yours, you need to turn your dog's attention away from your belongings and toward something more appropriate like a bone or chew toy. When trying to stop your dog chewing on the wrong things, give them a lot of praise when he or she begins chewing on the new toy rather than your personal item.

How to Stop Your Dog Chewing Tip #3

Many dogs that chew on your things when you are not home do so in anticipation of your return. This is why, when you are thinking about how to stop your dog chewing, you need to provide them with good alternatives to your tables, shoes, pillows, and more. When your dog greets you at the door with your item chewed, you need to teach them to greet you with an appropriate toy. Again, stopping your dog's inappropriate chewing means redirecting his or her attention. When your dog greets you at the door, do not greet them until you help them find an appropriate toy. Your dog will need to have the toy in his or her mouth to be greeted. Soon your dog will learn to arrive at the door with the toy, and chewing suddenly becomes seeking out the right toy.

How to Stop Your Dog Chewing Tip #4

If your dog is chewing while you are not home, and it is not due to anticipation, it is probably due to boredom. Active toys are a great help in training your dog to stop chewing on the wrong things. Active toys are those that stimulate your dog's mind and body. There are toys that automatically toss a ball for your dog along with puzzle games that require them to move a piece around the floor to get food. Plus, there are toy within a toy plus items that stimulate your dog. How to stop your dog chewing may just take keeping them busy.

No matter what reason your dog is chewing, the key is to redirect them to more appropriate items. Remember that teaching your dog to stop inappropriate chewing means having understanding and patience to give your dog time to find the "right" items to chew on so that you can keep those items like furniture, pillows, shoes, and more intact.




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