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If you are having problems with your dog's excessive barking at all hours of the day and need to start training your dog, then Dog Problem Solutions is the site for you. We have reviewed side-by-side 4 of the top 'Stop Dog Barking' & general dog training websites.

Our Pick:
SitStayFetch was the best dog training website and we highly recommend it's indepth section on how to control your dogs barking & whining. Daniel Stevens covers everything you need to know about how to take control of barking and includes over 100 step by step photos which make it simpler to understand & train your dog. Secondly, Dog Training Secrets was also very informative but lacked the great pictures & diagrams, and also had no option for video lessons. Next was Dog Training Secrets. They had some great tips relating to dog barking & training, but was quite long and heavy reading.

Top Dog Training Guide - Sit Stay Fetch

Sit Stay Fetch - Dog Obedience Training, covers the underlying reasons for why your dog barks, as well as effective stratagies to take control and tell your dog when it's barking is inappropriate. This guide also helps solve many other dog problems, such as howling, whining, scratching at doors, aggressive growling, barking at other dogs & visitors etc..... It includes over 100 informative photos & diagrams to help you understand the methods outlined. It also includes the latest do training secrets used by professional trainers, which are not covered by other books, such as dog whispering, advanced behavioral training, alpha dog techniques and so forth.

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Number Two Pick - Dog Training Secrets

Dog Training Secrets by Charlie Lafave, teaches you the importance of training your dog and what may happen if you don’t. Covers everything you need to know with step by step instructions, including 7 common behavioral problems and how to correct them. And for those who have left it too long, there is also a chapter on how to train adult dogs.

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Number Three Pick - Dog Problems - Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer

Starting from how to choose and purchase a dog, Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer covers everything possible about training dogs. This e-book is very long and a tad boring, but find the patience as it has very helpful tips. Just a warning there are absolutely no pictures, some people may find this hard especially when trying to follow instructions. Included are answered questions that people trying to train their dogs in the past have asked. No table of contents.

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Number Four Pick - How to Train Your Dog in One Evening

How To Train Your Dog In One Evening, covers 10 most common problems. Helping you understand the reasons why your dog may be having these problems is the first step. It then goes on, with step-by-step instructions, to show you what to do to solve these problems. This e-book doesn’t cover as much as the other books but it is straight to the point and easy to understand. Although properly obedience training your dog in one evening is very unlikely.

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